Achieve Health | Playbook

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Navigating the healthcare system today can be very challenging, especially when you live in a rural community. The resources you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle or follow medical treatment plans may be hours and miles away. Combine this distance with economic hardships and you may be left deciding whether you can afford the gas money to visit with a specialist in Spokane or feed your family a well-balanced and nutritious meal. You see, life is unpredictable and you need a plan for when things go astray. That’s why we’ve created this playbook.

Everyone’s health needs are unique, and we recognize this. The tools and resources in this guide are for you to choose from. Choose which tools work best for you and incorporate them as they best fit into your life — because when it comes to your health, YOU are the expert!

Get started down the road to health, download your Health Playbook now!